Eaton’s Wiring Devices – USB-C Duplex Receptacle
Eaton’s Wiring Devices is pleased to introduce you to our USB-C Duplex Receptacle, offering fast and convenient charging for Type C electronic devices. The USB-C duplex receptacle eliminates clutter by presenting adapter-free charging for today’s Type C designed electronic devices. The dual Type C ports feature the ability to deliver an optimized charge by recognizing the requirements of the attached device and efficiently offering a charge capacity up to 5A.

Eaton’s USB-C Duplex Receptacle feature:
• Dual USB Type-C high-powered ports rated with a max charging capacity of 5A
• Reversible ports that allow for consistent charging regardless of plug-in orientation
• Tamper resistant shutters provide compliance with 2014 NEC® Article 406.12
• Replaces a standard duplex receptacle