FLO Home G5 EV Charger


Home is where EV drivers typically do most of their charging. Surveys show that between 60 to 80% of EV charging is done at home.

Having a Level 2 charging station at home is like having your own fuel station right at your doorstep. Simply plug your EV into your home charger every night, and have your car fully charged and ready for your daily commute in the morning. 

A Level 2 charging station like the FLO Home G5 will charge your EV up to 5 times faster than a Level 1 station plugged in a standard outlet.

The FLO Home charging station is compatible with all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

  • High-performance, sturdy and safe
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • CSA-certified. Meet applicable UL safety standards
  • 100% aluminum NEMA 4X certified
  • 25-foot industrial grade cable from -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F)
  • Integrated safety features
  • Output current adjustable from 6 A to 30 A on a rotary switch

By default, the FLO Home G5 is set to maximum power (factory). If your home’s electrical infrastructure does not allow the charging station at maximum power (or prevent any potential current overload), it can be reduced using the Current Limiter Switch.

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