Forged Wire Strippers


IDEAL’s heavy-duty, forged strippers are designed for efficiency and safety.

Forged Wire Strippers are versatile and manufactured with superior quality. Featuring precision stripping holes, a wide nose for twisting multiple wires, a conduit reaming head, and recessed bolt cutters, our forged strippers promise to be a staple of electrician’s tool bags!

They are available in both standard (45-110) or NMD Dual Non-Metallic (45-112).

  • ​​​​​​​Wide nose to twist multiple wires simultaneously
  • Conduit reaming head
  • Recessed cutting holes for a closer cut – Screw cutting holes: 6-32 / 8-32
  • Secure lock/unlock hasp design
  • Integrated tethering hole
  • Crimper
  • Ergonomic SmartGrip™ molded handles
  • 45-110: Strips 8-16 AWG Solid Wire & 10-18 AWG Stranded Wire
  • 45-112: Strips 12/2, 14/2, 12 and 14 AWG

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