KwikSplice Cable Channel


With an innovative dovetail splice design, Eaton’s B-Line series KwikSplice cable channel is designed for fast installation, reduced complexity, and improved versatility. The system is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications including Commercial buildings, Data centers, Manufacturing facilities, Institutional buildings, Petrochemical, Healthcare, and hospitals.

Installs quickly and easily

The KwikSplice cable channel dovetail side rail and guided splice plate system is fast and easy to install. As an added benefit, the fittings are shipped pre-assembled with an integrated splice attachment which helps reduce the total installation time.

Reduces jobsite complexity

Unlike other instrumentation channel tray, the KwikSplice cable channel can be cut and spliced at any point along the tray, simplifying field modification. Plus, it is available with perforated holes along the channel which provides ventilation and NEC heat compliance.

Improved versatility

The system includes an extensive line of quick connect fittings and accessories to provide pathway integrity and versatility.

System pays for itself with support savings

The KwikSplice cable channel comes in 20-foot spans requiring fewer supports than other channel solutions available today. For example, transitioning from 10 ft. (3m) spans to 20 ft. (6m) spans reduces supports by 50%. Now, multiply the number of cable channels installed on a typical job site and the savings really add up.*In fact, the savings often outweigh the cost of the cable channel.

For part numbers, accessories, and specifications, please download our KwikSplice Cable Channel Catalogue.

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