Lind Equipment Joins the Fight


Lind Equipment is manufacturing a brand-new product, the Lind Apollo UV-C Light and re-tooling the Beacon360 Blaze area light. Both products will be officially on the market in a few short weeks to start assisting in the decontamination of PPE and of areas/vehicles. The lights will be following the requirements of the University of Nebraska protocol, which establishes a standard method for decontaminating PPE.

Lind Equipment’s goal is to assist the public health sector in any way possible during the COVID-19 crisis. Priority will be given to emergency services, hospitals and any others that need decontaminated, clean environments or gear.

Right now at Lind Equipment is focused on two types of decontamination for their UV-C lights. Disinfecting equipment and disinfecting surfaces.

Learn more about UV, UV-C, the benefits, the applications, and more on Lind Equipment’s website.

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