Stanpro LINK Emergency LED transfer relay was developed to eliminate conventional emergency lighting units and, simultaneously, incorporate the emergency lighting unit into the normal LED lighting fixture. This way, emergency lighting can be provided to CSA standards without interrupting the continuity of the lighting design.

Designers have always believed that emergency lighting, in general, is unattractive and obtrusive. When using LINK, there are no more remotes needed anywhere since Stanpro luminaires are being utilized. The integrity of the aesthetics is no longer compromised. The LINK relay is a certified emergency component. It’s installed in the fixture and is connected to a battery unit so it can power the lights when in emergency mode.

In normal mode, the lighting fixture runs on AC power and is lit up with full lumen output. The LINK relay is not utilized in this scenario. In the eventuality of a power failure, the LINK relay now draws power from the battery unit. The lighting fixture will light up using DC current. Its wattage consumption diminishes to 11W for 30 minutes and up to 2 hours based on the battery capacity. The lumen output also diminishes, but maintain the required amount as per the National Building Code. The emergency lumen output of each type of lighting fixtures varies based on its specs in normal mode (AC).

It thus allows Stanpro luminaires to also act as emergency lighting during power failure to illuminate the designed path of egress.

Advantages of Link

  • The obtrusive emergency remote heads used in a traditional layout are no longer needed.
  • The LINK relay installed in each fixture will provide superiorlight uniformity than the traditional emergency lights, enhancing security
  • One point of maintenance needed, as all the LINK relay within the fixtures can be connected to a single battery unit.
  • LINK is a certified emergency component
  • LINK with selected Stanpro luminaires is certified to CSA C22.2 #141-15

Contact us for more information or visit Stanpro’s website for Spec Sheet, Installation, and the Link Brochure.

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