Show Us Your Old Ones


Electricians work hard and so do their tools! Let’s face it, even the highest quality of tools need replacing at some point. They get old, rusted, dropped, and banged around in your tool kit. Old and damaged tools can slow you down and in some cases be a safety concern.

Over the next couple of months, GB Agencies will be giving away something for your toolkit. All you need to do is show us your old one! Post a picture of an old tool you would like to replace and just tag us in your photo. We would like to know what needs replacing out there, so post as often as you like. It doesn’t even need to be the same tool we are giving away!

Don’t have any “old ones” but still want a chance to win? Not a problem. Follow us, Share the post, or Comment on the post letting us know how you could benefit from the tool we are offering.

We will be watching for your “old ones” on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). At the end of each week, we will choose a random winner and make arrangements for delivery.

How to enter…

  • Post a picture of an old tool and tag GB Agencies
  • Share our post with friends who could use a tool upgrade
  • Comment on our post and let us know how you could benefit
  • Follow us on any of our social media platforms

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