SLZC2 Zone Sensing Control Panel


The only system handling multiple input voltages at once!

The SLZC2 series is Stanpro’s latest innovation in zone sensing control. This unit is designed to monitor electrical circuits at various voltages (120 VAC and/or 277 VAC and/or 347 VAC). The SLZC2 can support various voltage circuits within the same cabinet. The SLZC2 will automatically trigger an emergency lighting operation using either AC or DC current. With zone sensing, emergency lighting will come on if a zone monitored loses power (triggering emergency lighting associated with that zone) The SLZC2 comes standard with zone test switch and zone pilot lights, for easy monitoring and testing.

  • Monitor up to 6 zones at 120 V, 277 V, and 347 V (monitored circuits can vary in voltage)
  • Up to 6 outputs, 120 V/277 V/347 V, to power a battery unit (AC output) or to power remotes & signs (DC output)
  • Scalable design (monitor up to 12 lighting circuits with 2 units, up to 18 circuits with 3 units)
  • Compatible with Stanpro Autotest units
  • Zone pilots lights & test switches come standard
  • Simplified design for easy installation/setup
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