The simple, scalable, smart lighting solution that connects you to your home for an enriched, improved, enhanced, and enLIGHTened life. It’s easy and convenient with no hub required.

Through Wi-Fi, STARFISH synchronizes your life and your home using mobile and voice-activated devices. It is easy and convenient and you can start with just one room! Create atmospheres, spaces, define routines, set moods, and more. Scale-up as it suits your lifestyle — STARFISH™ is a multi-dimensional system that offers a host of life-enriching benefits.

SATCO® offers bulbs to fit many of your household fixtures, retrofit and edge-lit remote driver downlighting, and in many popular sizes. Add ambiance to your life with their selection of colour changing light bulbs, tape lights, and vibrant string lights. Control your lights with STARFISH™ smart outlets

No matter where you are in the world, you are connected to your home through STARFISH™. Log in and ensure your home is exactly as it should be, from downstairs or miles away. Make certain your lights are on when you return home at night and that at bedtime “lights out” means they are really off, with STARFISH™ you have it all conveniently under control.

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