Thermistors, RTDs, Probe Assemblies


Littelfuse offers a broad range of thermistors, RTDs, probes, and assemblies for demanding temperature sensing applications worldwide. Recognized for their accuracy and long-term reliability, Littelfuse thermistors and RTDs are the sensor of choice for diverse markets such as Industrial Controls, Medical Electronics, HVAC-R, Aerospace, White Goods, and Food Handling.

Thermistor Probes and Assemblies

Littelfuse probe assemblies are invaluable for sensing temperature in a variety of industries. Standard and customized probe assemblies offer very precise and extremely reliable thermal monitoring in the most demanding applications.

NTC and PTC Thermistors

Littelfuse leaded thermistor options include the highly accurate precision interchangeable thermistors as well as high temperature axial leaded glass encapsulated thermistors and glass coated radial leaded chip thermistors.

Chip and MELF Style Thermistors

Littelfuse surface mount thermistors are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and technology available. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for mounting using solder, wire bond, or epoxy.

Temperature Sensor RTDs

Littelfuse leaded RTDs exhibit a nearly linear temperature-resistance curve as well as high accuracy over a very wide temperature range. Their unique characteristics result in a device especially suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions.

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