Victory UV-C Decontamination Conveyor


The Victory Advance UVC Decontamination Conveyor is a portable unit that can decontaminate packages and equipment on all sides as the item moves through the conveyor. Using Lind’s proven Victory UVC LED technology, the conveyor has different conveyor speeds that allow for different doses of UVC during the decontamination process.

  • EPA Est. 96309-CAN-1
  • Victory UVC LEDs on all inside walls of the Decontamination Conveyor ensures decontamination on all sides of packages
  • Optimizing speed, volume, process, and validation while decontaminating
  • Decontaminates packages and items of up to 24”x24” (custom versions available)
  • Can be used on a standard 120V / 15A power outlet
  • UVC lights turn on and off instantly (no wait time)
  • Easy to set up & extremely versatile
  • Rugged, durable, and dependable
  • No ozone or harmful chemicals produced
  • Adjustable conveyor speed allows for dose levels of 25 mJ/cm2 (most viruses, including proven SARS-CoV-2 >99.99%) and 50 mJ/cm2 (viruses and a wide swath of bacteria)

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