September 2020


The trade show circuit has slowed right down but we have been to a few online. The format is very similar to the line card page on our website. Visit any of our elite manufacturers and contact us for any questions you might have!


Receptacle Top Housing Changes

Eaton Wiring Devices is changing the top housing material of protection receptacles (GFCI, AFCI, and AFGF) from Polypropylene to Polycarbonate along with some other significant changes.

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I Series Industrial Remote Head

Stanpro’s new I series of industrial remotes are ideal for applications requiring maximum light output (i.e: high ceilings and long tunnels). The I series accepts 12 to 24VDC, and is available in 5W, 9W, or 14W, offering up to 1 500 lumens.

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UVC Germicidal Lamps

These Germicidal Fluorescent Lamps produce enough ultraviolet light to eradicate harmful airborne bacteria. Learn more about germicidal effectiveness on our website.

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SecuriTEST IP is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax, and analog CCTV camera systems. With a single tester that can power, configure, and document, SecuriTEST IP increases productivity from start to finish. 

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S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes 

S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tapes are non-conductive, and the best choice when working near live circuits. A high-quality fiberglass core provides column strength for optimum pushing and pulling capability.

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Combination Receptacles

Eaton’s USB charging receptacles offer fast, convenient, and efficient charging of portable electronic devices directly from a standard outlet without bulky adapters or powered computers. 

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FPH-L LED Area Light

This modern design is a family of highly efficient and powerful LED area light in five different lumen packages. Applications include general lighting of grounds, storage yards, car dealerships, parking areas as well as floodlighting of signs and building fronts.

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SMARTdri Series

For those who want it all in a simple design, SMARTdri is a wise choice. It dries hands in as little as 10 seconds, which blows away comparable models. 

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VERDEdri Series

VERDEdri™ is a high speed, surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer featuring HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology.

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