BB5-HF Box Support Bracket


With a simple push, the B-Line series Hands-Free Stud Mounting Bracket (BB5-HF) holds itself onto the stud until secured with a screw.

The B-Line series BB5-HF is designed to reduce the installation cycle time by as much as 15 seconds per bracket (labour saver). This doesn’t seem like a big number until you really start to calculate the number of brackets installed on typical multi-tenant buildings, offices, and other commercial or healthcare facilities.

  • Marty Mouse ears to retain the box when the plaster ring is removed
  • Rabbit Ears to attach a plaster ring for data devices without using a box
  • Accepts 4”, 4-11/16”, and 5” box sizes
  • Built-in, snap-off back support extension for studs from 2.5” to 6” studs 
  • No need to measure box heights; features interlocking brackets to mount boxes side-by-side easily and quickly
  • Faster daisy chain boxes; two brackets mount to the same side of the stud

Download the flyer >

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