BlueView™ Digital Fish Tape


BlueView™ Technology brings modern convenience to the IDEAL Fish Tape line that has been trusted for decades. With on-board electronics the BlueView™ Fish Tape provides a real time digital length display to track the amount of tape being fed from and retracted into the case. BlueView™ Fish Tape are available in various lengths and material types to bring modern technology to any job.

IDEAL’s initial offering includes 120-foot and 240-foot Blued-Steel™ tapes featuring BlueView™ technology. 


  • BlueView™ digital length indicator provides a live reading of tape length out of the case while feeding and retracting
  • Tested in real environments*
    • Exposure to lubricants, dirt/debris, metal shavings and extreme temperatures
    • Drop and durability performance
    • Proven accuracy through continued use
  • BlueView™ is accurate to 1’ over the length of the fish tape and is programmed to round up eliminating wires cut short
  • Great for measuring wire needed for new runs, determining locations of hangups and troubleshooting
  • Factory calibrated with a simple field calibration procedure to ensure accuracy
  • Runs on AAA batteries (included) with up to 40 hours of continuous use, with battery life indication on screen
  • Auto sleep and shut down modes help conserve battery life
  • On-board storage for replacement batteries

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