BRI-THIN™ Floor Warming & Heating Cables


BRI-THIN™ cables are an alternative to floor heating mats for tile and stone flooring. With high heating efficiency, they are a more economical option to floor heating mats and are suited better for irregular-shaped rooms. The cable can be easily formed and adapted to almost any geometrical layout.

BRI-THIN™ helps to maintain the aesthetics of new interiors and their thin construction makes them suitable for renovations of homes, offices, corridors, or large areas. The heating cable is so thin that it will add little more than 1/8” additional depth to the finished installation.


  • Easy to install thin heating cable with spool spinner and mounting track
  • Close and uniform spacing of heating cables provides consistent heat
  • Maintenance free heating system without any noise, dust or dry air
  • Ideal for under tile and stone flooring with little more than 1/8” additional depth added to finished installation
  • Optimal flexibility to suit any floor shape or size
  • Available in wide range of heat loads and sizes suitable for many types of applications in residential and commercial settings


Resistance heating wire with a primary insulation of fluoropolymer then covered with metal shielding and final outer sheath of PVC.


VOLTAGE: Available in 120, 208, and 240 Volt
WATTAGE: 67 – 3240 Watts | up to 12 W/sq ft @ 4” OC spacing | 4 W/ft linear output
COLD LEAD: 10 ft (3 m)
OUTER DIAMETER: 1/8” (3.3 mm)


Installation is easy with included mounting strips, glue sticks, spool spinner, and floor sensor. The cables may be installed over concrete, wood, or any existing sub-floor. Mounting strips are required to fasten cables to the sub-floor. 4” spacing is recommended (cables must not crossover or touch).

The electrical connection of the heating system and thermostat should be done only by a qualified electrician.


A thermostat that monitors and controls the floor or room temperature through a remote sensor, mounted in the floor at the time of installation, is required. To assure safety the BRI-THIN™ cables should be connected to an approved Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). Contact Britech for a variety of thermostats and controls available with an integrated GFCI.


Warranted free from manufacturers defect for 20 years.

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