ColorQuick General Service Lamps


SATCO|NUVO is excited to introduce CCT selectable general service lamps. A19, PAR and BR bulbs are now offered with ColorQuick Technology. Reduce warehouse inventory while offering more lamp configurations and increase customer satisfaction with the ability to adjust color temperature on demand.

A19 Bulbs

Choose from 3-CCT selectable non-dimmable or 5-CCT selectable dimmable bulbs in a variety of wattages. Easily save up to 85% in energy consumption when replacing 40W to 100W incandescent bulbs with the added benefit of choosing the color temperature to customize ambiance to suit your mood or event. Download SPEC sheet

PAR Lamps

Our most versatile lamps have just become the ultimate in fluorescent and incandescent bulb replacement. PAR20 lamps are 5.5W, PAR30 and PAR30 Long Neck lamps are 11W, and PAR38 lamps are available in 13.3W and 15.5W options. All lamps feature a unique color selection dial to choose from 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K to create different ambient indoor or outdoor environments. Download SPEC sheet

BR Lamps

BR30 (8.5W) and BR40 (13W) lamps are the perfect lighting solution for a range of indoor spaces. 5-CCT selectable, 90CRI and a 100° beam angle ensure maximum coverage of true-to-life illumination in living rooms, family rooms, kitchens and hallways. Dimmable with compatible dimmers for additional control. Download SPEC sheet

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