Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 4-Piece Kit


We are excited to announce that IDEAL has expanded their Drill Taps line-up to include this 4-piece kit that offers a price point to compliment our current 8-piece kit and includes the most popular sizes: 6/32, 8/32, 10/32, 1/4”-20. IDEAL has also added two new individual sizes (3/8”-16 and 5/16”-18).

New SKUs Added:

36-3/8-16Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 5/16-18 NC
36-5/16-18Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 3/8-16 NC
36-601Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 4-Piece Kit

Existing SKU Numbers:

36-1/4-20Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 1/4-20 NC
36-10/24Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 10-24 NC
36-10/32Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 10-32 NC
36-12/24Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 12-24 NC
36-6/32Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 6-32 NC
36-8/32Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip 8-32 NC
36-600Drill Taps with SmoothStart™ Tip, 8-Piece Kit

IDEAL drill taps combine the functions of drilling, tapping, and deburring into one action to help save time and money.  The unique three-flute design and SmoothStart™ tip ensure a quick start and fast cutting with increased accuracy.  A high-speed-steel construction provides long life for added cuts and accurate threading.


  • Save Time: drill, tap and deburr in a single step
  • Three-flute design
  • Split Point SmoothStart Tip
  • Hardened Tapping Edge
  • Deburring Cutting Edge
  • 1/4 in. Hex Shank
  • Rated for drilling and tapping up to 10 gauge mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass and even plastic
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