Duplex Nightlight Receptacle


Eaton’s duplex nightlight receptacles combine a convenient LED nightlight with a variety of receptacles, allowing dimly lit interiors such as hallways or stairs to have their own customizable way-finding system. An integrated sensor automatically turns the nightlight on when it becomes dark and automatically turns it back off once the room has enough light. Additionally, our nightlight receptacles are dimmable, allowing you to set the perfect level of desired light for your needs.


  • Ability to choose between Guidelightmode and Nightlightmode
  • In Nightlight mode, the integrated sensor turns nightlight ON when ambient light is low, and OFF when ambient light is high
  • InGuidelightmode, users can override the photosensor for continuous nightlight operation.
  • End users can choose dimming features in Nightlight mode allowing for the ability to designate preferred brightness of nightlight LED
  • End users can toggle between HI-MEDIUM-LOW-OFF levels of brightness of the LED inGuidelightmode
  • Color temperature change features in either mode allow user to designate the preferred color temperature of LED nightlight (Warm –Cool –Neutral)
  • Two 15A TR receptacles give consumers the additional convenience of a nightlight feature without losing access to an outlet

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