E-Class™ Fibreglass Fish Tape


E-Class™ Fiberglass Fish Tapes are non-conductive up to 1000V* for use around existing circuits and feature a glow in the dark molded eyelet for greater visibility in dark areas. A high-quality fiberglass core provides column strength for good pushing and pulling capability, with a round jacket assisting in feeding through runs with multiple bends or in multiple planes. The E-Class Fish Tape will be offered in 100’ and 200’ lengths. There will be a repair kit available as well that will consist of two replacement eyelets and the necessary adhesive.


  • Non-conductive up to 1000V* designed for use around existing circuits.
  • E-Class™ fiberglass core for great strength and pushing power.
  • Glow in the Dark eyelet for greater visibility and ease of use in dark areas.
  • Smooth nylon jacket protects fiberglass and provides a smooth surface for navigating bends.
  • Round shape provides omni-directional pushing through tough bends.
  • Pulling strength 350 lb

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