IDEAL T-Strippers


IDEAL has been making wire stripping tools since 1956 when thermoplastic insulation was first used on branch wiring in the industry many years ago. Today they are the industry standard that competitive wire strippers are compared to.

Today IDEAL provides an unmatched breadth of reliable strippers; from standard straight handles to various degrees of ergonomic designs. They take pride in offering the professional electrician a tool that works consistently with a long work life.

Electrician’s use wire strippers every day and need to stand up to heavy use and provide long-lasting cutting blades. They are the tool they reach for most often when making electrical connections. The form ground, knife type blades offer accurate and easy stripping without nicking the conductor. A key feature to all wire strippers from IDEAL is the heat treatment and hardening process the blades go through to provide the longest lasting cutting blades in the industry. They simply stay sharper longer providing a long-lasting tool.

Other features of the IDEAL strippers include vivid laser markings that don’t rub off or fill with dirt, a robust secure spring design that does not become loose, looping holes for bending the conductors into the proper shape for a screw-on a wiring device, a convenient plier nose to grip wires firmly; a US and metric strip length guide for precision measuring; and they are constructed in thick carbon steel making them more durable and long-lasting. They are available in solid or stranded wire ranges from 6 to 32 gauge conductors and styles from the basic T-5 T stripper catalog number 45 – 120 which has become the “Standard for Wire Stripping” and offers all that anyone needs in a wire stripper at a great price.

Commercial journeymen and industrial maintenance contractors prefer the Reflex Premium T-Strippers like the catalog # 45-415, which have a better comfort grip handle and an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and 6/32 and 8/32 screw cutting holes for cutting small bolts when installing wiring devices. For residential contractors who install wiring devices and strip NM cable all day long, the Reflex Super T-Stripper catalog # 45-621 is designed for 14/2 and 12/2 house wiring. It does it all stripping the outer jacket and the conductors and offers a really great cushion grip that feels good and works well too. The Kinetic Reflex T -Stripper like our Catalog # 45-915 offer, even more, features including a heavier nonslip textured grip and Thumb ValleyTM making wire stripping easier and more accurate. They also have a slide lock for safety and storage. – from Ron Kipper

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