Insulation Testers


Insulation is subject to many effects which can cause it to fail, including mechanical damage, vibration, excessive heat or cold, dirt, oil, corrosive vapors, moisture, or humidity. The IDEAL Digital Insulation Meter is the tool every professional needs to determine whether the insulation is performing at an effective and safe level. During installation or routine maintenance, the Digital Insulation Meter identifies capacitive, absorption, and leakage current, helping to prevent problems before they result in injury or equipment failure.

Most multimeters can measure to 40 or 60 Meg ohms but only perform this resistance test at 4 volts. Insulation testers measure 1000’s of Meg ohms and test up to 1000 volts DC.

IDEAL offers a basic and a more advanced insulation tester:

Insulation Tester, 250/400/1000V (61-795)

  • Basic Insulation Resistance Testing (typically, IR only)
  • Some related DMM Test functions (Ohms, Continuity, Voltage)
  • For Commercial/Residential

Insulation Meter 50/100/250/500/1000 VDC (61-797)

  • Complete Insulation Resistance Testing (Insulation Resistance IR, Polerization Index PI, Dielectric Absorption Ration DAR)
  • Advanced DMM test functions for PM and TS (Ohm, Continuity, Voltage, Amperage, Capacitance, Diode, Temp)
  • Data Record/Transmission
  • For Industrial/Data Centers

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