LED 4" 12V Retrofit Downlight


SATCO|NUVO offers an ideal solution for upgrading MR16 recessed luminaries in any space with its hassle-free 12 volt, 4-inch Retrofit Downlight. Designed to replace older, higher wattage bulbs, this color selectable, stepped baffle fixture will modernize your décor while also leading to energy cost reductions.

Low Voltage, Ease of Installation

Engineered for low voltage 12V DC power sources, this retrofit downlight trim has a GU5.3 base attached making for an easy update to existing 12V lighting systems. This downlight is an optimal choice for upgrading outdated lighting in both residential and commercial settings.

ColorQuick® Technology

Color temperature choice can easily be made at time of installation with the on-unit CCT selectable switch. Choose between five different color temperatures from warm to natural white.

Non-Conductive Dead-Front Trim

The 4-inch non-conductive trim allows compliance with “Dead-Front” code requirements, making this fixture highly versatile for diverse applications.

Design and Dimmability

With seamless phase-cut dimming capabilities down to 10%, this downlight can fit any mood or style and the deep stepped baffle trim minimizes glare while offering an architectural flair to your space.

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