Little STIC


Last week a part of our sales team was invited out to Ideal Canada’s Manufacturing facility in Ajax Ontario to participate in a product training event called “Little STIC”. The acronym for “STIC” stands for sell, tell, involve, commit.

The three day event took us into the immersive world of Ideal offerings including connectors, test and measurement, tools, fish tape, wire installation, benders, data comm., National Championships, Ideal customer service, and merchandising.

The presentations were engaging and the hands on training provided another level of product knowledge you could never get from a description in a catalogue. We also got to compete in our own mini National Championship event that had us going head to head against each other and the clock.

On the manufacturing floor we were able to visit Ideal’s in-house leathersmith who showed us what goes into making the Tuff-Totes you can find in Ideal’s tool storage category. We also got to witness the production of The original Can-Twist “One Size Fits All” – Canada’s best selling connector!

We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at Ideal for putting on such an exceptional event. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the quality and customer service behind the products we support.

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