Nailbiter™ Augers


Introducing Ideal’s NailBiter™ auger line. These NailBiter™ augers are specifically designed to quickly and smoothly cut through nail-embedded timbers speeding the installation of wires in any wood construction. These bits make clean, smooth bores perfect for installing NM wire, armored cable, or rigid conduit.

In side-by-side testing, conducted by independent laboratories, the NailBiter™ augers outperformed all leading competitors. The NailBiter™ was designed by electricians for electricians with features and benefits that deliver more holes per dollar than conventional augers!

  • Dual-Helix construction with twin cutting edges for faster and smoother drilling action, even through nail-embedded timbers
  • Full body, dual induction heat treatment ensures durability, minimizes warping and delivers long lasting performance
  • Heavy-duty lead screw designed for quick gripping power, superior penetration and extra-long life
  • Re-sharpenable for extended tool life

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