SKY Select


Experience the synergy between elegance and performance with our brand-new SKY Select. Elevate your projects with a harmonious blend of enhanced performance, a contractor friendly design, and architectural aesthetics.

The SKY2S-LED series are performance area light with selectable features ideal for a wide range of applications including commercial and retail parking lots, car dealerships, and roadway lighting.


  • Stylishly Designed
  • Highly Selectable
  • Solution for Urban Spaces
  • High Performance Fixture
  • Contractor Friendly Installation
  • High lumens up to 18,500 lumens​
  • High efficacy 125 lm/W​
  • DLC premium​
  • Standard photocell Up to 20′ mounting heights​
  • PCLS (photocell, CCT, lumen select)​
  • Even illumination ​
  • Field adjustable lumen switch – three different lumen settings​
  • CCT selectable 4000/5000K. Dedicated 3000K​
  • Dark sky friendly – U0/U1 up light for pole mount and surface mount version

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