SNL-LED (Snap N' Link)Linkable Architectural & Undercabinet Light


RAB Design’s Snap N’ Link Series is easy to install, features a LEGO-like modular design and flexible connectors that allow for effortless creation of eye-catching shapes and designs, all with a satisfying snap sound during installation. Perfect for undercabinets, cove lighting, retail, closets, task lighting, and display cases.


  • High quality, durable fixture with sturdy aluminum housing.
  • Frosted polycarbonate lens that creates glare-free light distribution ideal for reflective and matt surfaces such as backsplashes, countertops, and in retail applications.
  • Compact design and ultra slim profile – 0.65“ wide.
  • Available in 3.3”, 10”, 20”, and 40” lengths.
  • Button control switch is used to control light options. Change the light setting through number of presses: 1st click = turn on light at 3000K 2nd click = change to 4000K 3rd click = change to 5000K 4th click = turn off light Press and hold: increase/decrease brightness.
  • LEGO like modular design and flexible connectors  allow for effortless creation of shapes and designs.

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