SNOW-MAT™ Snow & Ice Melting Mats


Maximize safety and security in residential and commercial areas by reducing slips and falls caused by snow and ice. Eliminate the use of salt and chemicals used to remove snow and ice. Now there is no need to shovel or chip ice off driveways, ramps, walkways, or stairs.

SNOW-MAT™ snow & ice melting mats are constructed with sturdy, thin flexible heating elements that are bound to fiberglass mats. The durable adhesive mesh backing can be cut between the heating elements to create your desired layout shape.


  • No need to shovel snow or use chemicals to melt away ice
  • Easily installs under concrete, asphalt, paving stones and interlock
  • Construction site tough cables with a convenient durable mat backing
  • Mat backing can be cut between cables to create desired shape
  • Ideal for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your project
  • Safe, silent, economical and efficient operation


Twin heating conductors with fluoropolymer insulation, metal sheath, and high-temperature material outer jacket. Equally spaced on a mesh backing.


VOLTAGE: Available in 600 Volt
HEAT LOAD: 40 W/sq ft
COLD LEAD: 16 ft (5 m)
MAX ASPHALT TEMP: 240 °C up to 10 min


A thermostat that monitors and controls the slab temperature is required. We recommend the use of an automatic snow sensor to fully automate the snow melt system ensuring the fastest response time and energy efficiency.

Cable Selection & Design

Choose from standard 240V for outdoor residential applications,
such as driveway snow melting and de-icing.

Depending on requirements, choose from 240V, 208V or 600V for
commercial applications, including entry and sidewalk snow melting.

240V, 208V, and 600V mat systems available for any industrial
snow melting and de-icing application.

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