Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connector


The Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connector is the only UL-listed aluminum-to-copper twist-on connector that prevents aluminum oxidation while providing a secure connection. Anti-oxidant compound cuts through oxidation on aluminum conductors for improved conductivity and cooler connections.

This one-piece design installs easily by hand with no special training or tools and handles a wide range of aluminum to-copper or copper-to-copper wire combinations. The Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connector is perfect for pig-tailing a copper conductor onto aluminum branch circuit wiring in retrofit applications.


  • The only UL 486C Listed and CSA C22.2 #188 Certified, twist-on aluminum-to-copper wire connector. Complies with NEC Section #110-14(b) for aluminum-to-copper connections. It is also listed to UL 467 for grounding and bonding.
  • Pre-filled with a specially formulated corrosion-resistant compound that cuts and penetrates corrosion build-up on conductors for increased conductivity and cooler connections.
  • The live-action, square-wire spring maintains constant pressure on the conductors. It allows aluminum conductors to expand during load demand. With the load demand reduced or turned off, the aluminum conductors contract while the spring maintains a tight, secure, and lasting connection.
  • The longer thermoplastic skirt increases dielectric strength while the entry cap retains the corrosion-resistant compound.
  • This compact connector with swept wings and a hexagonal head installs easily by hand or with a 3/8 in. nut driver.


  1. One-time use only. Do NOT reuse. Not to be used when only connecting aluminum conductors.
  2. Wiring must comply with all applicable electrical codes.
  3. Confirm UL listed wire combinations for model 65 here >

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