Two New Datacom Kits from IDEAL


IDEAL® Electrical is proud to announce the introduction of two new datacom kits that will expand our product offering and provide additional value to our distributors and end users. Both kits were assembled with the end user in mind by offering the necessary tools and connectors to begin terminating low-voltage cables in the field.

FT-45™ Feed-Thru Starter Kit

(33-509) Designed for someone who is looking to expand their business, or is simply starting out, that needs to acquire the proper tools and connectors to properly cut, strip, and terminate CAT5e/CAT6 twisted pair cables. Includes:

  • FT-45™ Crimper Tool
  • PrepPRO® Cable Stripper
  • Electrician’s Scissors
  • 50 CAT6 Feed-thru Modular Plugs
  • 50 CAT5e Feed-thru Modular Plugs
  • 25 Strain Relief Boots
  • Plastic Carrying Case

Twisted Pair/Coax Termination & Test Kit

(33-510) Providing a full set of tools, this kit includes the recommended tools and test equipment to cut, strip, terminate, and test twisted pair and coaxial cables. Includes:

  • CAT5e/6/6A Twisted Pair Termination Hip Kit (FT-45 Crimp Tool / Punchmaster™ II Punch Down Tool / PrepPRO® Cable Stripper / Electrician’s Scissors / Holster)
  • OmniSeal™ Pro XL Compression Hip Kit (OmniSeal™ Pro XL Compression Tool / PrepPRO® Cable Stripper / Data T® Cutter / Holster)
  • Test-Tone-Trace VDV Test Kit (VDV multimedia Wiremapper, probe, nylon case with patch cables, alligator clips, BNC, and RCA adapters)
  • CAT6 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs (100/Jar)
  • RG-6 RTQ™ XR™ F-Compression Connectors (50/Jar)
  • 13” Heavy-Duty Large Mouth Bag
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