VisoVac Padmount Switchgear


Eaton’s padmount VisoVac three-phase medium-voltage switchgear utilizes Eaton’s proven vacuum fault interruption technology and is available with visible isolation and visible grounding capability. The VFI, isolation, and grounding positions are internally interlocked so proper sequence operation is ensured. The VFI mechanism is equipped with a spring charge motor that allows for seamless remote operation without the need for external motor operators. 


  • Available with visible break and ground
  • Up to 40kA sym interrupting
  • Gas-, oil- and regulation-free
  • Manual and remote operation capable
  • 10,000 mechanical operations
  • Configured to order

Unlike other padmount switchgear, the VisoVac switchgear utilizes vacuum fault interrupter technology and leverages proven Eaton breaker technology. Tested to IEEE Std C37.04 and C37.09 standards and IEEE C37.74 standard provides a robust interrupter for padmount switching applications.

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