Can-Twist Barrel Premiums


As the manufacturer of Canada’s greatest wire connector, it is our priority to remind customers that Can-Twist also has the original, and still the BEST connector program available!

Can-Twist Premiums offered all year-round

Unlike some IDEAL competitors, IDEAL offers premiums for barrels and stubbies ALL YEAR-ROUND, not just during set promo periods.

Your choice of premium

Choose from a wide selection of IDEAL and other quality products – no cheesy mugs here! And if you don’t see the item you want – just ask! IDEAL’s program is flexible and they are able to change up premiums anytime to meet the needs of loyal customers.

How to claim a premium?

Customer’s simply need to:

  1. Purchase a barrel (30-807) or 4 stubbies of Can-Twist (30-817)
  2. Visit our website to see our current selection
  3. Fill in the redemption form and upload proof-of-purchase
  4. IDEAL will ship your premium to the address provided

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