CAT 6 / CAT 6A Strain Relief Boots


IDEAL Strain Relief Boots for CAT 6/6A modular plugs have a 6.5mm (.256”) diameter rear cable entrance, suitable for cables ranging from 6.0mm to 7.0mm (.236” to .275”) in diameter. They are compatible with all standard sized RJ45 modular plugs (without built-in strain relief). Made of flexible PVC, these boots provide several benefits when terminating modular plugs inthe field:

  • Boot hood protects the modular plug retaining tab from snagging and breaking, prolonging the life of the connector
  • Tapered end secures and centers the cable to dampen cable vibrations which can place stress on the modular plug pin-to-conductor contact points, resulting in intermittent or open contacts over time
  • Extended back creates a gradual radius for cable bends, eliminating kinks and sharp bends that can impact data speeds and cable headroom

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