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Receive a FREE connector with every EZ Link device purchased through December 2024.

Arrow Hart EZ Link™ modular devices are the most efficient way to wire receptacles and switches for large commercial projects.

Designed with contractors in mind to help meet deadlines while saving on labor costs, our EZ Link devices feature a unique design for quick and easy installation – faster than traditional wiring.

Engineered from the ground up, the revolutionary design reduces installation errors and allows for secure, aligned and accurate installation the first time… every time.

Features & Benefits

  • Sliding Installation – Unique sliding design allows the connector to simply slide into place faster and easier.
  • Guide Rails – provide accurate and secure alignment during installation.
  • Arrow Design – The design easily identifies the direction to slide in the connector, providing safety against incorrect installation.
  • Release Wings – Provide an easy, one-hand release of the device, while providing two points of capture for connection retention.
  • Easy Labeling – A dedicated labeling area adds convenience for special labeling needs.
  • Wire Relief Slots – Allow sharp bending to make it easier to push all the wires back into the box during final installation.
  • Gripping Ridges – Tactile design incorporated into the connector provides a secure grip for the installers.

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