Clamped EBMXC Explosionproof Combination Motor Starters


The only NEMA 7 clamped enclosure for hazardous areas.  One of the biggest challenges with enclosures located in hazardous areas is accessibility.  To access internal components for preventative maintenance or troubleshooting, up to 70 bolts have to be loosened and then retightened, leading to extended periods of downtime and safety risks due to improperly torqued or missing bolts.

Crouse-Hinds series clamped EBMX enclosures utilize patented clamping technology to reduce downtime, increase safety and lower maintenance costs.  EBMXC combination motor starters provide across-the-line starting, stopping, speed changing and reversing of polyphased AC induction motors.  They are ideal for harsh and hazardous motor control environments in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, corrosive process facilities, food and beverage facilities, marine and mining applications.

And now, Eaton’s Smart EBMX enclosure combines the industry’s first explosionproof clamping enclosure design for hazardous environments with IoT-enabled circuit breakers and intelligent motor management relays—enabling safer, faster and smarter operations in the most demanding applications.

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