Feed-Thru Modular Plugs for Large-Diameter CAT6/6A Cable


We are excited to announce Ideal’s latest addition to their datacom product line: Feed-Thru Modular Plugs for Large Diameter Cable (CAT6/6A)

There are two new types of feed-thru connectors available:  Shielded and Unshielded. 

CAT6A/6 Unshielded:

  •  50 Card – 85-385

CAT6A/6/5e Shielded:

  • 10 Card – 85-363
  • 25 Card – 85-368
  •  50 Jar – 85-369

Our line-up now includes a full-range of feed-thru connectors, covering all the most common sizes from CAT5e to CAT6A.

  • Designed for use with CAT6 / CAT6A cable with inner-conductor diameters up to 0.048” (typically 23 and 22 AWG)
  • The shielded version features an integrated strain-relief
  • Staggered conductor orientation to allow larger diameter insulated conductors (from 0.040” – 0.048”)

ONE TOOL FOR ALL – Compatible with the IDEAL FT-45™ Crimping Tool which works with ALL our standard and feed-thru connectors! Part number: 30-495.

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