Prime Engineering Ltd has developed a compact and flexible unit substation package providing a dead front service entrance approved solution with close-coupled medium voltage incoming equipment, distribution transformers and secondary low voltage equipment.

Our unit substations can be designed with pad mounted transformers and completely tamper-proof design or outfitted with substation style transformers with a host of options and configurable capabilities, including utility metering (primary or secondary), various cable incoming/outgoing configurations, as well as cutting edge safety add-ons such as arc flash sensors, and other arc flash reduction methods. We offer unit substations with primary and secondary voltages up to 34.5kV.

With integrating the transformer and low voltage distribution in one package our unit substations provide
significant savings in cabling costs, losses and overall footprint, while also being extremely flexible to your
site’s needs.

Prime offers a unique range of all-in-one substations. These compact unit substations can consist of:

  • Service Entrance equipment compartment
  • Primary or secondary revenue metering
  • High voltage visible disconnect switch and breaker (either separate or within transformer tank) or fused disconnect switch
  • Power Transformer
  • Secondary distribution board

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