LED Circline Lamps


SATCO | NUVO’s LED Circline lamps provide an excellent solution for upgrading and replacing traditional FC8T9 and FC12T9 fluorescent lighting to more energy-efficient options. Available in both 8 and 12-inch sizes, these lamps allow users to enhance the lighting in residential, multifamily, and hospitality settings such as kitchens, halls, and bedrooms, all while saving on costs.


CCT Selectable ColorQuickTM Technology

Color temperature choice can easily be made at time of installation with the on-unit CCT selectable switch. Choose between three different color temperatures from warm white to natural daylight.

Long Life & Less Maintenance

These lamps boast an impressive, rated life of 50,000 hours. With such longevity, users can enjoy prolonged periods of illumination without the hassle and expense of frequently replacing bulbs, making them a cost-effective and convenient lighting solution.

Versatile Installation

These lamps are suitable for both ballast and ballast bypass fixtures and are range voltage for 120V-277V applications making these lamps versatile for a variety of installation applications.

Enjoy Instant Light

Unlike traditional fluorescent circline lamps that require warm-up time, enjoy instantaneous lighting and embrace the numerous benefits LED technology offers

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