NEW FLO Home Chargers


Redefining Reliability

Born in the extreme winters of Canada and proven across North America, FLO is introducing a next generation home charger to meet the needs of EVs and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles from compact crossovers to heavy-duty pickups.  

FLO offers three smart charging flexible options to meet the needs of all EV drivers.  

FLO Home X3 – This essential charger includes an industrial-grade thermoplastic enclosure and features a 50A/12kW output.  

FLO Home X6 – Featuring a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure, this 50A/12kW premium charger provides additional flexibility with a detachable cable holster.  

FLO Home X8 – The X8 offers the ultimate power output and ruggedness to meet the charging needs of high-performance cars and trucks. It features 80A/19.2 kW output, the most allowed by a level 2 charger in North America, along with a detachable holster. 

The newest FLO Home EV chargers build on 15 years of private, public and commercial charging experience along with EV drivers’ feedback on home charging needs.

The new FLO Home chargers are built for real-life:  

  • A highly robust, impact-resistant enclosure that withstands hot and cold temperatures and corrosive climates.  
  • An easy-to-manipulate 25 ft (7.62 m) cable that stays flexible and is built to withstand daily use.  
  • Available with a choice of a J3400 connector (also known as NACS or the Tesla connector) and the J1772 connector.
  • Engineered to accommodate unique needs of various homes and garages with multiple wiring, cable management and pedestal options.
  • Embedded heat sensors in both the vehicle-side connector and the dwelling-side plug help detect overheating issues, protecting the charger, vehicle and dwelling.
  • An industry-leading limited warranty covering 5 years of residential use/1 year of commercial use.
  • Smart charging via Wi-Fi allows owners to manage access with just a tap on the FLO app. 

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