Priority-Plex Aluminum Canada


Contractors can save time and money installing Priority Wire & Cable’s Priority-Plex in place of individual or paralleled feeder cables. The factory plexed cable pulls from one reel rather than separate reels in the case of individual feeders and is more tightly grouped than a paralleled group would be. The product is stocked in Canadian color codes at our warehouse in Mississauga, ON and is available from your favorite Distributor.

Priority-Plex™ RW90 Conductors are primarily used for power distribution where light weight and flexibility are desired. RW90 conductors have magnetic fields between phases which cancel each other out in the plexed assembly, resulting in a reduced voltage drop. RW90 conductors may be used in wet or dry locations at conductor operating temperatures not exceeding 90°C. Suitable for ambient temperatures down to -40°C and for use in accordance with CEC Part 1 (or CSA 22.1).

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