120V AC Circuit Breaker Finder


The 61-532 from IDEAL is a 120V AC circuit breaker finder that automatically identifies a circuit breaker or fuse protecting a live branch circuit. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter identifies the presence of power via a red LED and sends a signal over the conductors when connected to an energized circuit. The receiver reads the transmitter’s signal and identifies the breaker/fuse energizing the circuit by illuminating a red LED and emitting a continuous beep once it determines the breaker/fuse with the strongest signal.

  • UL Certified complies with UL 1436 and CSA C22.2 number 160 for use on 120V AC circuits
  • Quickly and easily identifies circuit breakers/fuses without disrupting power, no service interruption required
  • Fully automatic operation with visual and audible indicators
  • The transmitter can be clipped to exposed wires in electrical fixtures using the alligator clip lead set included n the TL-532A adapter kit (sold separately)
  • The transmitter can be used with the light socket adapter included in the TL-532A adapter kit (sold separately)

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