B-Line Pre-assembled Strut Fittings


Eaton B-Line series pre-assembled strut fittings allow customers to save time, reduce complexity and maximize their profit. Eaton has taken the most commonly used strut fittings and adapted them with the proper hardware. The result is the pre-assembled strut fittings that are faster and easier to install than traditional strut fittings. 

Pre-assembled strut fittings help minimize material handling, increase construction assembly efficiency and deliver a quality solution that results in an overall positive return on the investment.

 Addressing quality and safety concerns 

Eaton provides safety factor information in the B-Line series strut system catalog* which helps ensure the safety and operational capability of the product over time. 

Load data is based on 12-gauge B-Line series strut channel, using ½ inch diameter hardware and B-Line series strut fittings. When these correct products are utilized the 2.5 safety factor is achieved. 

  • The hole size of the B-Line series strut assembled fittings are 9/16-inch, which provides a 1/16-inch annular space around the shank of the fastener.
  • The ½ inch cap screws typically used to install fittings also have 360-degree coverage to provide even load distribution under the head of the cap screw and does not require a flat washer. 
  • The strut nut or grip nut is designed to bite into the folded edge of the strut channel to help prevent slipping. Loads are based on the dimensionality and tensile strength of the base material.

Check out the “White Paper” for more information, or download the online catalogue.

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