B-Line Series Fittings with Strut Raceway


If a ceiling grid is present or needed, why not use it as a raceway?

Construction trends in commercial space have led to the open ceiling concept. Open ceilings have adopted the use of strut grid systems for lighting, HVAC, and other non-structural supports. 

B-Line series 1-5/8” solid strut (B22) is UL 5B Listed and can be used in accordance with section 384 of NFPA 70; therefore, it functions as both a support and a wireway. Use as a raceway in a pre-existing B22 channel ceiling grid or newly specified grid systems to run your low voltage wiring system. 

It is important to note that the maximum allowable voltage carried must be below 600 volts and that it can be used with clad and non-clad wiring.

When it comes to material and time savings, the B22 channel is just one important part of the story.

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