B-Line Series Strut Channel Systems


Eaton’s B-Line series strut system, or bolted framing, gives design engineers, contractors, and installers the quality, flexibility, and smart design they need to meet the most demanding construction standards.

  • Cable management support
  • Pipe and conduit support
  • HVAC duct support
  • Strut racking systems
  • Ceiling grids
  • Machine guarding
  • Panel stands

Still cutting your own strut to length?

How long does it take your crew to get 10 or 20-foot lengths of strut, set it up by the saw, measure it, cut it to length, and de-burr the edges? B-Line will cut the strut to your specific lengths and de-burr the edges to help ensure the safety of your crew and equipment during installation. We bundle the cut-to-length strut and label it for easy identification on the job-site.

Whether the need is for an electrical strut support, mechanical channel support or datacomm support, it’s easy to find the right B-Line series system for any application.

Learn more about material, accessories, and finishes on the B-Line website.

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