Cable Management


For many situations, the most efficient and effective execution of procurement and delivery of cable to large, complicated and fast moving project jobsites can be accomplished through a comprehensive cable management program. Reduce procurement resources, jobsite resources, labor, time and waste with a supplier who can facilitate with the flexibility, accuracy and timely execution the job requires. With this method, together, we can be highly effective in delivering what the field needs when they need it; as well as respond with quick solutions when something comes up on the jobsite.

Specifications and Product Selection

When required our engineering resources can be deployed to assist with proper selection or even design of cable most effective for the application required. PWC has the ability to develop custom solutions to unique applications when required. Regardless of the applications, PWC will ensure the right specifications, quality and delivery.

Purchasing Options

Firm pricing or adjustable pricing based on metal prices day of order or day of delivery. Material can be ordered and in stock at one of 14 Distribution Centers, in advance of project needs, and invoiced only at time of shipment.

Packaging and Product Configuration

Some of the greatest time savings and quality improvements can come from removing work and decisions from the field and implementing in a controlled warehouse or distribution center environment.

  1. Circuit Cuts – customer supplies engineered circuit schedule and cable can be delivered on a single reel custom labeled with jobsite and location information for immediate installation.
  2. Parallels – multiple circuits of same size and length delivered on single reel, as master length, individual circuit cuts or stacked circuit lengths. Paralleling capability at the DC ensures quick delivery from stock material.
  3. Multiplex – multiple cables of multiple sizes, twisted or plexed at the factory. Paralleled, circuit cuts, stacked circuits or master lengths are also options.
  4. Pulling eyes or termination lugs or connectors can be installed prior to shipping.
  5. Solid Colors, Striping available at factory or DC.
  6. Cable in Conduit or various types of armor available.

Superior Logistics

  1. Installation/Release Schedule Staging – allows for highly effective “Just-In-Time” inventory principles to be applied to the jobsite, removing the need to store material onsite, improving cash flow and reducing waste due to damage, loss or inventory theft.
  2. Custom Labeling – can identify specific jobsite location, circuit, trench or whatever will improve implementation in the field.
  3. Inventory & Usage Reports – available at agreed upon intervals or by request.
  4. Shipping Confirmations and Tracking – will be supplied upon freight confirmation and on ship date. For certain situations, GPS tracking of individual trucks and shipments has been deployed.
  5. Reduce Waste – standard stock items can remain in inventory if not required or returned for nominal restock fee, eliminating project surplus.
  6. Reel Recycling Program – PWC will work with jobsite to arrange pick-up and return of reels, eliminating the problem of end of job disposal.
  7. Executive Management – PWC cable managed program receive the highest level oversight with Operations management ensuring prioritization and perfect execution of your project.

Service and Support

The most important part of any program or supplier is service and a desire to treat the customer as a partner, not just a sale. Will your supplier respond quickly and proactively even when problems or changes occur? PWC offers 24/7 availability, quick response time, inventory, accuracy and the best on time delivery service in the industry. More than anything else our service sets Priority apart.

We make YOUR business our Priority.

Project Management Team

Account/Project Manager: You will get a key contact that manages planning, coordination and oversight of all aspects of cable management program with customer and Priority’s internal resources. From Sales to Execution to after delivery service, he or she serves as the primary contact for customer and contractor. The PWC Team has developed and executed cable management programs for over 5000MW of power projects.

Inventory and Logistics: one individual from each department is assigned to each cable management project.

CEO, SVP of Engineering and Manufacturing & Director of Operations: They are involved in planning and approving every cable management project. Additionally they are available at any point through the project to assist or approve any issues that may arise throughout the project. Priority maintains a very flat organization with access and accountability at every level, which allows us to respond and resolve issues more quickly than any other company offering such services.

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