Expanded Wire Armour™ Tape Line


We are happy to announce the expansion of the IDEAL Wire Armour Electrical Tape product line. Now including general purpose and specialty tapes, and the existing premium tapes.

General Purpose Electrical Tape

A 7 mil (0.18mm) general purpose grade, pressure-sensitive vinyl tape for all kinds of mechanical and electrical applications. It can be used as primary insulation on splices up to 600 volts and as a protective outer jacket or for general repair work. Available in nine colours for identification of phases.​​​​​​​

Contractor Pro – Mid-Grade Tape

A 7 mil (0.18mm) all-weather, contractor grade, pressure sensitive vinyl tape for all kinds of mechanical and electrical applications. It can be used as primary insulation for splices up to 600 volts. Use as a protective outer jacket over splices and for low-temperature applications (minimum temperature -10°).

Linerless Rubber Tape

An ethylene rubber-based, high voltage tape possesses excellent electrical, chemical, and physical properties. Use linerless, self-bonding tapes when insulating and jacketing splices on power cables from 600 volts to 69,000 volts. Allows quicker taping speeds than liner tape and yields a uniform, void-free build-up while contouring unusual shapes. Available in 4 widths (3/4″ to 2″)

Rubber Mastic Tape

A self-bonding mastic tape consisting of ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) backing, bonded to a tacky, temperature stable, electrical grade mastic. Use for insulating and moisture sealing splices and terminations up to 2,000 volts on solid dielectric cable. Can be wrapped, stretched, or molded around irregular shapes for insulation build-up, water sealing, and surface protection. For bus bar insulation and corrosion protection.

Vinyl Mastic Pads

An insulating mastic with vinyl backing which provides superior adhesion and dielectric strength is required to seal and insulate electrical connections on buried, submerged, or overhead cables up to 1,000 volts. The vinyl backing adds mechanical strength and is UV resistant. Impermeable to ozone, water, dirt, and corrosive chemicals and adheres quickly and permanently without affecting the insulation or conductive polymer shielding.

Corrosion Protection Tape

Corrosion protection and pressure-sensitive vinyl tape, that provides complete environmental, mechanical, and electrical protection for all types of pipe wrapping applications. UV, bacteria, and fungus resistant. Can be used for both overhead and direct burial applications.

Product #Description
46-1700General Purpose Tape – Black
46-1700C-XXXGeneral Purpose Tape – Colours
46-PROContractor Pro – Mid-Grade Tape
46-130C-XXXLinerless Rubber Tape
46-2228-1X10Rubber Mastic Tape
46-2200-6.5X4Vinyl Mastic Pads
46-50-UNPRINT-2Corrosion Protection Tape

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