IDEAL's New Test & Measurement Lineup


Introducing the Totally Redesigned, Expanded T&M Line!

IDEAL’s T&M products are known for being durable and reliable. This new lineup builds on this reputation, adding many features that help it stand out from the competition! One of the incentives for this line is to ensure that there is something in the lineup for all electricians across the category ratings (Apprentice, Residential, Service, Commercial and Industrial).

Some of the great features you’ll see across the line: 

  • Testers with built-in NCVT
  • Integrated probe holders
  • Flashlight function
  • Overmolded Industrial Grips
  • Universal Magnetic Strap Clips
  • Brighter, sharper displays

Here is a look at IDEAL’s new additions:

See something you like? Please feel free to contact us for spec sheets and additional information on any IDEAL products. You can also download IDEAL’s complete Test & Measurement Catalogue (.pdf).

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