MP8000 Bluetooth® Overload Relays


The Littelfuse MP8000 Bluetooth® Enabled Overload Relay is a smart, universal relay that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth®. No need to open the control panel. Monitor real-time data, view fault codes and control unlimited relays through the Littelfuse App on the smartphone you already own from up to 30 feet away.

The MP8000 has all the features you love plus new updates: 

  • Added capability to work in current-only mode 
  • Real-time clock automatically updates when connected to phone app or PC program 
  • New programming options for AUX relay 
  • Expanded and standardized network settings across phone and PC software 
  • Added lifetime energy and power meters

MP8000 Bluetooth® Overload Relays are now compatible with both Ethernet Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols. This allows easy integration into whichever industrial network you use.

Paired with your smartphone or tablet via the Littelfuse App, these relays also provide real-time access to operational information and faults for quick troubleshooting.

Learn more about this product here: Littelfuse MP800 Series

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