Switch to LanTEK IV & Increase Productivity


TREND Networks recently conducted a survey that found a 53% increase in productivity after switching to the LanTEK IV. 56% of the 166 users surveyed had switched from a competitor brand and the other 44% had upgraded from prior LanTEK generations.

Here are some of their findings:

7 Second Test Time

Test and save a Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A within 7 seconds using the LanTEK IV.

74% of customers said 7 second test time had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

Test time is very important to cable installers as 2 people have to wait for each test to be completed. When you have 100s or 1000s of links to test every second makes a big difference.

VisiLINQTM Permanent Link Adapters

Everything you need to operate the certifier and verify the results in the palm of your hand.

64% of customers said VisiLINQ had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

We’ve added a switch and a status indicator light to the end of the permanent link adapter making it faster and easier to test cabling. We’ve branded this new permanent link adapter, VisiLINQ, and is patent pending. Illuminate, Plug-in, activate, see results.


Operates anywhere with a web browser, free data storage, no extra hardware required, no time wasted installing new software, operates on a tablet or PC.

59% of customers said AnyWARE Cloud had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

TREND AnyWARE Cloud customizable metadata functions significantly decrease the amount of time and steps need to create projects and test IDs vs competing Cloud platforms.

User Interface

We process mapped the customers’ workflow and redesigned the interface with them in mind.

55% of customers said our Touchscreen had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

We reduced the number of inputs required by user to set up a project from 147 with LanTEK III to just 15 in LANTEK IV. Less inputs means quicker set-up and reduces the risk of mistakes.

AnyWARE Cloud – Pre-configuration

Reduce setup errors.

55% of customers said Pre-configuration had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

Pre-configuration insures consistency across the project and from project to project so there is less chance of error and having to return to the job site to make corrections or retest.

Team Viewer Live Support

Minimize troubleshooting time, increasing collaboration and reduce call-backs.

40% of customers said Team Viewer had a high or very high impact on their productivity.

For those customers already using Team Viewer, they immediately recognize the benefit of being able to resolve issues through collaboration as though they were all on the job site together. In addition to your Project Manager or Cable Manufacturer, our Technical Support Engineer can all remote in to quickly resolve troubleshooting issues. This TEAM VIEWER functionality is not available from our competition.

Survey Summary

Technicians on average install 10,000 links per year. Teams using LanTEK II/III or a competitor brand would save 56 hours in labor per year in test time alone (based on 2 people testing) by switching to LanTEK IV.

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