Vol-Con® Solenoid Voltage Tester


The Ideal Industries model 61–076 Vol-Con solenoid voltage tester is what we think of as a legacy meter that actually dates back to the second world war. The current models we offer follow lineage back to the 1970s. Journeyman electricians across the country rely on these meters to indicate live conductors in tough conditions. The 61 – 076 indicates 5 to 600 Volts AC or DC and provides indication of continuity in a circuit. Additionally, these testers are UL listed and carry a Cat III 600 volt safety rating. (Ron Kipper)

  • Extremely rugged and reliable
  • Vibrates when AC voltage is present
  • Indicates AC/DC voltage level
  • Replaceable leads with shielded probe tips (IEC61010-031 compliant)
  • Bright, long-life LEDs and neon indicator lamp
  • Dual voltage indication for backup safety
  • 2-year warranty
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