FLO For Municipalities Webinar w/ Eco-West


On September 1, 2022, GB Agencies and Eco-West hosted a webinar to provide information on new funding opportunities for municipalities and FLO EV Charging solutions. Here is a condensed version of the webinar followed by a few frequently asked questions.

Q & A:

Q: Is one station with 2 heads considered ONE or TWO connectors for grant purposes?
A: FLO EV chargers are modular by design to allow for multiple configurations. Dual chargers on a  single pedestal would be considered TWO connectors for grant purposes.

Q: Is there a certain “expiry date” for these connectors?
A: FLO EV chargers are NEMA 4X rated and manufactured for our harsh Canadian climate. The universally compatible, high-quality J1772 connector is designed for 10,000+ charging cycles.

Q: Approximately, how much are the annual maintenance fees on a level 2 charger?
A: There is no suggested annual maintenance on FLO level 2 chargers outside of keeping them clear of snow and debris. Networked chargers are maintained and updated remotely on the FLO network.

Q: Does a FLO certified technician have to do the installation?
A: No. FLO chargers can be installed by your own local and preferred electrician.

Q: How fast is a level 2 charger?
A: That depends largely on the vehicle but FLO’s level 2, 7.2 kW chargers can achieve close to 30km of range per hour of charge. The 80A, 19.2 kW CoRe+ Max averages 100km of range per hour of charge.

Q: Are FLO chargers compatible with all electric vehicles on the road?
A: FLO level 2 chargers use SAE J1772 connector, which is compatible with most EVs on the road today with the exception of Teslas. Teslas can charge on SAE J1772 connectors with an adaptor, which would is the responsibility of the Tesla owner, not the charging station owner.

Q: Can we charge the drivers a fee to use the chargers?
A: Yes, all networked level 2 chargers can be monetized. Drivers can pay for time or sessions using the FLO app, RFID card, or credit card. The charging stations’ owner sets the amount and conditions when initially setting up (commissioning) the chargers. The owner has the flexibility to change the access, amount charged, and conditions after commissioning, by logging into their FLO Web Portal or by contacting the FLO support team.

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